Some ideas can save your life

Tom Agapiades lost a friend to the water three years ago. Than he decided to create something that can help people floating in water. He designed a wrist band that will eject when you pull along its hook to activate the CO2 cylinder inside. This will inflate an orange safety bag to drag a man to the surface.

You’ll stay attached to the wristband thanks to the lock safely attached around the bottom of. Even though the bright orange safety bag can be easily seen, a whistle on the side can summon help in case of low visibility. An integral compass can help you swim to shore, assisted by the bag for up to 48 hours. The canister of CO2 can be easily be changed by a quick twist on the valve at the side.

Drowning is a top cause of death among children under 10, because it can happen so quickly and without warning. Though the wristband isn’t the same as a full life vest, it can keep a child or worker afloat long enough to be rescued.

C.Alessandro Mauceri



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